Friday, December 9, 2011

Three Cheers to Art Delightful!

Two weeks ago I was able to paint again. I used prang water colors and used a beautiful photo of clovers for inspiration. It took me about three days to finish it and I’m really quite happy with the result.

I’m really relieved that I can still paint. Two years had passed since the last time I held a paintbrush. I actually experienced a really extensive artist block so I’m really quite happy that I was able to create something wonderful and so pretty to look at.

This painting is titled as ”Clovers". Yup, not that unique a name but I just think it’s perfect.

This artwork of mine inspired me to create this blog. I wanted to a place to showcase my work, to document my journey as an artist and what is happening in my life. I want to share my inspirations, my memories of my travels, and my undying love for Japanese fashion. So don’t be surprised if you see fashion posts or photos about where I’ve gone to during the weekend. Even if the blog’s title is about art it doesn’t mean that it is just about ‘art’.

Art Delightful will always be a blog about my life.

As an effort to make my blog uniquely ‘me’, I opted to create my own layout. I designed and painted the header image with prang watercolors. After that I scanned it and added the additional typography elements with Photoshop.

The design included all the things that make me happy: Flowers, my camera, my paintbrushes, ribbons, my sewing machine (although it’s represented by two spools of thread), and a cup of tea. I used pink as the main font color and side background theme. Anyone who knows me personally would not be surprised. I love that color with a passion. Pink has always given me a sense of loveliness. It’s cute isn’t it? I’m pretty happy with the result of the over all design.

Please stay tuned for more art projects. I’ve got a lot planned for the next few weeks. Till next time!


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