Saturday, February 18, 2012

Puppy Love

February is the month for 'love'. Its time time when hearts are over used and flowers are sold everywhere. Most cultures celebrate Valentines Day on the 14th of February. I'm not really into the romantic part of the occasion but I do appreciate all kinds of love - even the puppy kind.

I have two Shih Tzu dogs whom I love very much. My first dog is Fluffy. She's two years old. Fluffy loves to lick me a lot. Loyalty and being lovable is one of her best traits. She follows me everywhere and sometimes when I feel down she just jumps on my lap as if she knows instinctively that I feel off.
This is Fluffy. My first dog.
My father bought Mellow last year so that Fluffy can have a mate whom she can be with. Mellow is only a year old. He's a fat puppy and sometimes I even think he's a little bit obese. But he's undoubtedly cute. He's so cute that sometimes I can't help but to hug him all day long. 
This is Mellow. He is only 1 year old.
Mellow loves to show his love by sleeping on people. Unlike other dogs, he likes to be hugged. He's so used to it that he doesn't care if you hug him for a long, long time.

Ever since the day Mellow was introduced to the house things had gotten really exciting. Mellow and Fluffy are rarely away from each other. 
These two are always together.
Sometimes they fight with each other.
But most of the time I think they love each other.

Puppy Love
Aren't they cute? I'm so blessed to have two wonderful dogs. They greet me with so much love and happiness whenever I come home from work. These two are my living breathing fluff balls. Its the best  de-stressing therapy in the world.

I love my dogs. Do you have dogs too?

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