Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Art Inspirations: Life In A Bell Jar

Finding inspiration is very important to me as an artist. Often enough I find ideas by reading other artist blogs, looking at wonderful pictures taken by photographers all over the world, or just by plain surfing through the archives of

I want to start blogging about the people who inspire me as an artist, people whom I believe needs to be recognized for their wonderful works of art. And as a start I would like to feature my sister's blog.

Here comes the mice!
LIFE IN A BELL JAR was started a year ago by my sister Larisa Feliciano. Her blog focuses on her craft of making hand made needle felting Mice and Gnomes and creating the tiny bell jar worlds where they reside in. She describes herself as 'a curator of teeny tiny universes'. 

The Bell Jar Village
There really is something magical about her craft.  She loves to create Mice and Gnomes made out of felt, wool and clay. It reminds me of the fairy tale books that we used to read when we were kids.

Strawberry Sam
The Frog Pond Symphony Orchestra
Her blog turned a year old just a few days ago so this feature is also a celebration of sorts. I'm really proud of my sister and her art. It makes me think that being artistic really runs in the family.

Oh by the way, she's also opening an Mice and Gnome Adoption Agency some time this year. Its still a work in progress but once its up and running please check out her Etsy account and feel free to purchase some cute critters. Each one of these creations would be one of a kind and definitely worth every penny.

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