Monday, January 23, 2012

Struggling with the dreaded Artist Block

I haven't been feeling particularly well these past few weeks - thus the lack of posts in this little blog of mine. To tell the truth I've been experiencing the dreaded 'Artist's Block'. The type of obstacle that just makes me feel unable to do anything creative or artistic. While it might take a while before this artist slump gets kicked back into the curb, I am trying to do something about it. 

They do say that artists must paint/draw/write about what they love. Since I was feeling a bit uninspired I tried to paint something that I love. I may love flowers a lot, which is quite obvious judging from my previous blog posts, but I also love mushrooms.

When I was a kid I used to feel really excited whenever mushrooms would sprout out in our garden. There is just something magical about them. Most of the mushrooms that grow in our garden are of the normal variety though and not as beautiful as this one.

I saw this cute picture when I was reading an article about the 10 most amazing mushrooms in the world. Its called a Entoloma Hochstetteri or Sky Blue Mushroom. Its found in New Zealand and some part of India. Its not an edible but I do love its bright blue color. It makes me think of Alice in Wonderland. I really do wish that the mushrooms that grows in my house's backyard garden would be this beautiful.  

Rainbow Mushrooms | Watercolor Painting

I could dream though so I created a new painting using water colors. It was just a fast exercise that I finished in less than an hour. If I could create a new mushroom variety it would definitely be like this. Colorful and pretty at the same time. 

My artistic slump hasn't really been defeated yet but at least I was able to produce a new artwork. Hopefully I would be able to do more art this coming week. But for now I'll post a picture of my dog, Mellow.

Yes, this is a dog and not just a fur ball.

Till next time!

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