Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finished Amigurumi Project and Rainy Days

I finished the Amigurumi WIP that I have posted about before. I was supposed to give it to a friend but I decided to give it to my sister instead. My loving sister, Larisa, visited us for the Christmas holidays. I rarely see her up close since she now lives in Australia, miles and miles away from our family home so I'm really glad that she had the opportunity to fly back.

Photo taken by my sister, Larisa Feliciano

She named the bear "Peaches" because of the yarn's peach pink color. I just realized that I had sewn the mouth a little bit off kilter but its okay since it gave the bear a little bit of personality. Peaches looks like she's grinning and I'd like to imagine that she's also giving off a wink even if she only has two black beads for eyes. I also sewn a lace collar around her neck and fastened a bow to give it a lovely fashionable vibe. A big blue button sewn on top of her head acts like a small beret hat.

Today has been such a lazy day. It rained non stop since the early morning and I didn't feel like doing anything other than play games on my laptop. I'm now halfway through Return to Ravenhearst, a hidden objects game that is absolutely addicting. I only paused the game in the afternoon when I noticed that the rain stopped.

I took the opportunity to go outside and take pictures before the rain started again. The sky was still a bit cloudy when I took some pictures in the garden. Raindrops really do make lovely pictures.

I loved the effect that the water droplets made against our lemongrass plant's leaves. The second picture I took even had a perfectly formed round droplet.

I really do love flowers more than anything in the world. I would never get tired of taking photos of them. They just give me a happy feeling. Bloomed flowers even look prettier with rain drops.

I guess this photos also reflect what my favorite color is. It is quite obvious that I love pink. My favorite photo for the day would be this giant pink Gumamela. At this angle it looks like Peony but I assure that its a Gumamela flower. I love the way its petals are arranged in delicate ruffles.

I do hope that tomorrow would be a rain-free day. The weekend will end today and tomorrow would be another Monday morning. Here's to hoping that this week would be better than the last.

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