Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Embracing 2013!

Once again another year has just ended and a new one has begun! Welcome to 2013 everyone! I'm quite joyous about new beginnings and January 1 is usually the best time to get that feeling. I am happy and I want to look forward to a more wonderful year.
 2012 was a mix of good and bad things. It was a big improvement from 2011 and all the heartache I endured during that time but I still had a lot of big ups and downs. I guess it's a big part of life to have to go through all those changes but in the end I think I changed for the better.
Now I'm looking forward to a better year. I've started the day right by waking up early, fixing my bedroom, praying and meditating and even finding time to do a bit early morning exercise. I was even able to walk through our garden and experience nature at its finest. It's really uplifting to be able to do those things in the morning. It's definitely better than waking up late almost at noon and already wasting half of the day. I've decided to make it my morning ritual to wake up early.

I've decided to be more in tune to my inner self this year. To be more spiritual. To let go of the emotions that are hindering me and to have more peace ad harmony in my life. I hope that today will be a perfect catalyst. A perfect start to a better and more fruitful year.

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