Monday, December 31, 2012

Year-End Cleaning!

Year 2012 will be over soon and what better way to end the year than to create a new blog post. I know I haven't been blogging much but I want to try to blog more. I do hope that 2013 will be a better and more fruitful year. Here's to life and more blog posts!

I always clean my room during the last day of the year. It's a tradition that I've kept since I was small. There's something wonderful and magical about dusting off dirty furniture and wiping off grime from my belongings. In a way I also feel that I'm clearing away the bad vibes in my life and in turn welcoming the new year with positive vibrations.

I added something new above my bed. I just recycled an old calendar that I owned. I cut off lower portion with the dates and months then I used a long string to tie the pictures up in a row. It really looks pretty and interesting. I do think that it adds a bit of character to my room.


The photos remind me of old Polaroid pictures. The calendar featured different things and places in Tokyo. Which is something that I LOVE. I find the photos inspiring. I do hope that in this coming year 2013 I would be able to take wonderful photos like these too.

One of the things that I do love in my room would be the Owl Bag that my sister Larisa gave me. It's supposed to be used as a shoulder bag but I thought that it would be a cute addition to my room instead.

So here's my last post for the year. It's quite short but at least I was able to update! My wish for this new year is that I would be able to blog more and to share more photos. Let's see if I can do it :) Good luck and well wishes to me!

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