Monday, April 22, 2013

Cooking Katsudon!

It's not a secret that I love Japanese food. There came a time in my life when I was obsessed with everything Japanese. Their culture was intriguing to me as a child and I always watched those anime shows that were shown on TV. As I grew older I also loved to make Japanese food and the best way to express that love is to learn to cook my favorite dishes. I usually make Sushi or Onigiri when I think about Japanese cooking. I had also experienced making Miso Soup and Sukiyaki. But I never experienced making Katsudon until now. Kinda ironic since it's quite easy to make!

The wonderful thing about the internet is that you can find a recipe for absolutely anything. So I visited youtube and looked for a recipe. Lo and behold I found a really cute Youtube channel called "Cooking with Dog". It's a online based cooking show hosted by a grey poodle named Francis and a Japanese chef whose name is not disclosed.
I have almost all the ingredients but I we didn't have any ready made bread crumbs available so I crushed two packs of Sky Flakes crackers to substitute for it.
 I then rolled my pork cutlets with seasoned floor, dipped it into a bowl of whisked eggs then covered them with my home-made bread crumbs.
 After that I fried with olive oil until the pork cutlets turned a wonderful shade of brown. It looks wonderful.
The breaded pork cutlet must be simmered in a mixture soy sauce, sugar, mirin and bonito stock. A lightly whisked egg would be poured on top after that. The ready made Katsudon can now be put on top a steaming bowl of rice.

I'm really proud of this achievement. The rosemary made the Katsudon look pretty in the picture. It looks even more yummy in person.

Although when I tasted what I had made I realized that I should have added some more sugar. The mixture was okay but it lacked a bit more sweetness. Overall I think I did good but I think I could do better next time. I guess that's the problem with just following a recipe without tasting it first. At least I know what to do next time. Lesson learned!

For anyone who wants the recipe, just click on the video link.

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