Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY Chocolate

Mai gave me this really cute DIY Chocolate kit a day before we journeyed to Singapore. Since I love making crafts, I was really excited to make this once I had the time to do so. The packaging is quite cute and colorful. Although I find it funny that it claims that its contents are made out of 99% cacao when its clearly a lie. 


The pack contained four sheets of felt cloth, different colored threads, a needle, and a container for the finished 'chocolates'. It also included an instruction booklet that was written in both English and Japanese. A paper guide helped me create the shapes that I needed to cut out of the felt sheets.

The cut outs are then sewn together by hand. It took me quite some time before I finished the shapes needed to create the fake chocolates. These are then filled with organic cotton stuffing and decorated with thread or or different colored felt cut outs. 

There were six chocolate shapes all in all. My favorite would be the one with almond/pistachio 'nuts' sewed on top. Making the fake nuts was quite a challenge since it was so small and I had to also fill it with stuffing so that it wouldn't be flat.

It took me about three hours to finish everything.I'm quite happy with the result and the 'chocolates' are now proudly displayed in my room. 

Thanks Mai for giving this to me! I really appreciate it.

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  1. where do you get those brown felt cloths? i want to buy...jay and i have been wanting to make chickie and red "ewok costumes" hahah .. :)


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