Sunday, April 29, 2012

Finding Inspirations: New Potted Plant and Frankie Magazine

Nature is one of the best sources of inspiration. I absolutely love gardens, flowers, and different kinds of plants. I've grown up in a house that's surrounded by fruit bearing trees, flowering shrubs and beautiful orchids. Being around nature brings me peace and ideas.

In an attempt to make my work area more 'nature inspired', I bought a little potted plant from a local mall. The store claimed that it's a self-sustaining hydro culture plant and that its a cleaner, safer and better alternative to traditional soil-based indoor plants.

It's quite pretty. The plant came with a pink ceramic pot that blends well with my study table. The plant itself is quite tiny. It's hardly bigger than my table top calendar. It needs to be watered just twice a week. The instructions say that I only need to put 2 tablespoons of water. The special water-absorbent pebbles keeps the plant alive and keeps it pest free. What a wonderful and stress free way to take care of a plant! I'm thinking of buying two or three more to put around my room.

Magazines are a huge source of inspiration for me. I'm an artist by heart and by career choice. As such, I need a steady supply of inspiration inducing materials around me. Most of the magazines that I collect are published in Japan. But these were brought from Australia, Singapore, online stores and even from some local stores.

Even if a lot of the magazines that I own are written and published in Japan, I still do have a one or two that are in English. One of the magazines that I really love is called FRANKIE.

Frankie Magazine is an Australian based publication that tackles design, art, photography, fashion, travel, music and crafts. It's a really pretty magazine that is filled with a lot of pretty pictures and interesting stories. 

Frankie is really different from the magazines that are sold here in my country. It's more artsy and, if I dare say, a bit more tongue and cheek. The pages are filled with wonderful commentary, beautiful artworks and even some recommendations to where to buy vintage and hand made clothes or crafts.

What I love about Frankie the most are the wonderful pictures. I love how the pictures are composed and stylized. I love the feel of the magazine. The magazine itself gives off a vintage yet modern aesthetic. With its clear cut layout and zen like photos, Frankie Magazine makes me think of care free summer days spent taking pictures with a camera. 

If you can buy Frankie Magazine at your local bookstore, please do so. Its a wonderful publication and I hope that it can inspire others as much as it inspired me. 

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  1. Hello Angel!!! a potted plant does make a room look brighter, fresher and full of life :)More than a year ago, my sister (Barbi) gave me one of those hydro-culture plants. They're not that high maintenance, which is a great thing about them! :-)


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