Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sewing Adventures: Creating a Cute Pouch

I inherited a sewing machine from my grandmother a year or so ago, It happened just a few months before she passed away. The machine runs on electricity and is about fifteen or so years old. It is a SINGER sewing machine. One of the most trusted brands when it comes to sewing tools. 

Today was such a lazy day but I wanted to something creative and productive at the same time. My digital camera needed a new pouch and I wasn't in the mood to drop by the mall and buy a ready made one. Instead, I opted to make my own.

I inherited a lot of cloths, laces, ribbons, and threads when I acquired the sewing machine. I chose a pink cloth for the pouch and the a light yellow cloth for the lining. I also chose a cute lace little ribbon to create some added details.

I love the colors that I had chosen. And I think my dog loves it too. Mellow suddenly sat on my materials as soon as he saw them on the floor. I guess he wanted to help me sew my little pouch.

Or maybe he just wanted to sleep on it. Lol! I had to carry him away so I could retrieve my materials. Thankfully none of the cloths were soiled and the laces got away without a scratch. 

Sewing the two cloths together was quite an uneasy process. I'm not used to this sewing machine yet. I had only used it twice since the time it arrived in my home. It wasn't a surprise that I could barely sew a straight line. But I did manage to create something beautiful despite the crooked thread lines.

I finished sewing the pouch in an hour or so. I think this is the smallest item I had ever sewn. I attached the lace into the upper edge of the pouch and attached a lavender colored ribbon to heighten the kawaii feel.

Isn't it cute? And it fits my digital camera just right!

I'm a bit happy with the result. Although I think I can do better. I need to practice sewing more. As they say, practice makes it perfect. But I'm glad I was able to create something. Today was a great start!

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